Jun 27, 2010

Cake & Cupcake tower!

Beautiful cake and cupcake tower to celebrate a wedding. Iced in ivory fondant and topped with ivory sugar roses and silver K&M monogram. Milk chocolate mud cake with milk chocolate ganache drizzeled with caramel sauce in each layer. Each cupcake is topped with a ivory blossom , milk chocolate mud cupcakes with a gooey caramel sauce center topped with silky french buttercream.

Manchester United Shirt for Sean!

I received an email from Emma saying it was her Hubbys birthday and she was wanting to surprice her lovely Hubby with a Man United shirt cake. This is what I came up with , I hope he loved it. Milk chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganche.
Happy Birthday Sean!

Jun 5, 2010

Craig & Chris's special day!

Craig and Chris got married today , and to celebrtae they chose some pretty pastel cupcakes in white and dark chocolate mud with french buttercreme. They looked so gorgeous all arranged and smelt delish. :) Congratulations Craig and Chris and really lovely to meet you . x

40th Birthday with a twist!

Really lovely twist design which looks great as 1 tier cake but fabulous in a 3 or more tiered cake with alternating twists. Looks great with ribbon roses but you can choose an aray of flowers if you wish. White chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

Christening for Jude John Simon!

Who ever thought that no one Christens/Baptises their babies anymore is mistaken. I think I have done more of these cakes than any other celebration cake. Which is fine by me. :) This design is becoming popular having stripes up the side of a cake and really adds to it visually. Dark chocolate mud cake with coffee ganache. All figures are made by me and NO molds are used.