Jul 31, 2010

First Communion!

Sunday 01/08/10 is kate's first Communion. Bright beautiful colours will do nicely! :)
Best of luck Kate .. All dark chocolate mud with dark ganche or chocolate buttercream for cuppies!

This is it!

How many 5 year olds do you know that want Michael jackson popping out of a cake..... I know 1 LOL. and she's super cute.
White chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache. "Happy Birthday Rave" xx

Calling all Ford fans!

30th Birthday cake for a ford fan. 2 tiers of jaffa mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.
"Happy 30th Birthday Dan"

Pauls 50!

Pauls lovely sister ordered a mixture of cakes to celebrae Paul turning 50. White chocolate,Jaffa & dark chocolate cupcakes yum yum! :)
"Happy Birthday Paul"

Jul 17, 2010

Black 'n' White!

Tonight Tammy was celebrating her 30th birthday with family & friends. She was having a B'n'W party, so her sister ordered her a exploding stars cake. Tammy also loves poker so I incorperated some chips. 10" marbled mud cake with white chocolate ganache. "Happy Birthday Tammy" x

Jul 9, 2010

A Fishy Affair!

John's flying in from the East to have a party for his 70th here in the West with his family. I was told John loved fishing , so i thought a fish cake was in order. Dark chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. Hand painted in river colours and sitting on a wood look board also made from icing and hand painted. There were also 18 dark chocolate mud cupcakes with chocolate buttercream to enjoy with his fish.
"Happy 70th John! "

Jul 4, 2010

Happy birthday Daaad!

I love this design and it is easily adapted for anyones needs, 8" dark chocolate mud with white chocolate ganache.