May 25, 2009

Lemon Meringue cupcakes straight from the oven, SOOOO delicious. I have plenty of flavours or I can work with anyone for a new flavour.

I also make cupcake stands , made to order. They can be made in silver or gold boards and what ever colour satin you wish. So everything can co-ordinate.

May 24, 2009

Striking colours , there is to be writing on the board which I didnt photograph. 7" Dark chocolate mudcake with chocolate ganache. Handmade topper. Serves 40 people.

This cake was done for a lady for her 30th Birthday. She asked for the colours silver, purple and aqua. Which I think turned out well. 6" Dark chocolate mudcake with dark chocolate ganache. 65 cupcakes assorted caramel and white chocolate with French buttercream. Topper is all hand made. Serves 95-100 people.


This is a lovely 2 tier cake and would serve 40 people.

6" and 4" white mud cakes with white chocolate ganache. Topped with rolled roses in beautiful pastel colours. The initial is glass crystals and canot be eaten.

This is a beautiful design.Made up of a 7" Dark chocolate mudcake,with dark chocolate ganache and 18 white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate ganache topped off with French buttercream. Serves 50 people.