Feb 26, 2011

Louwana's 40th

Loved making this cake , 2T madhatter cake. All dark chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Stripes took ages 3.5 hours all up. "Happy Birthday Lou" x

Oversized Blossom!

Small but very elegant Ivory cake and cupcakes for a cosy reception at Abbey Beach resort. All handmade flowers. Cutting cake is a hazelnut mud with hazelnut filling and dark chocolate ganache crumb coat. Cupcakes are dark chocolate mud with vanilla buttercream.

"Hope you both had a beautiful day"

Peacock Themed wedding!

Oh my, the ballroom at the Abbey Beach resort was gorgeous when I delivered this cake yesterday for Sandy & Dion. Peacock feathers were the main theme for their day. So sorry I cant share pics of the ball room my camera was still sitting on my dining room table :( Cutting cake is caramel mud with caramel sauce and dark chocolate ganache. Cupcakes were an assortment of caramel, milk , and white muds.
"Congratulations Sandy & Dion :)"

Feb 21, 2011

Buzzy Bee Cake for Mia!

Mia had a party on the weekend to celebrate turning 1. Her Mum chose a lovely fun cake. Caramel mud with caramel sauce and milk chocolate ganache. There were also some caramel cake balls. Yummo! :)
" Happy Birthday Mia" xx

Feb 11, 2011

Baby Shower For Tash!

Such a cutesy cake with a bubbly baby elephant on top. This cake will be for a baby shower . Toppers may be purchased separately. White chocolate mud with milk chocolate ganache.

Garden Wedding!

This cake is going to be the top cutting cake for a cupcake tower. I also made 50 purple blossoms to go on the cupcakes that the brides daughter will provide. The bride & groom topper was also made by me, with little honky nuts and letters scattered to accommodate a family joke :)
6" dark chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.